Purchasing Guidance The BioMat is an FDA Approved Durable Medical Device

When determining which style and BioMat size is best for you, keep the following in mind: Your purchase is a long-term investment in your health. Purchase from someone who is knowledgeable & available beyond the time you make a purchase. We have found that, invariably, questions come up - as the BioMat has a wide range of applications & effects. I have a wealth of experience and will be happy to provide you with the very best support, accessibility and knowledge before, during and after the making a purchase.


The Single BioMat

Single BioMat costs $3,240.00 which converts to approx £2,274.83      (including shipping and VAT).                                                                                                      

Price in pounds approximate conversion subject to variation.   Visit my store page by clicking on the image for up to date conversion rate

The Professional BioMat:

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Total cost of Professional Mat (incl VAT & shipping) approx. £1,478.64
Price in pounds approximate conversion subject to variation.   Visit my store page by clicking on the image for up to date conversion rate

For home use, the professional mat fits nicely on a single bed or down one side of a double.  For professional use, the mat fits perfectly on a treatment table. 
Generally we would recommend the pro mat over the single sized mat for most people, however some customers do prefer the wider, slightly longer single sized mat. 

For professionals working in the health and wellness related field, you will be eligible for a $100 discount when purchasing a professional mat.  Please let me know if you think you may be eligible to receive this.  Click on the image above for more information and the criteria to meet the discount.  I would help you with this process.

The amethyst and tourmaline pillow

For more information on the pillow click on the image above

The pillow is a medicine cabinet unto itself.

Based on the Ayurvedic Concept of Cool Head, Warm Body… The Pillow absorbs the heat to keep the body cool so you can take higher therapeutic temperatures more comfortably. Since your head is your thermostat, if it is cool, your body thinks it is cool.

• You can unzip it and wrap around your own favourite pillow.

• Also it can be unzipped from the pillow and used as a wrap or "poultice" …you can wrap the crystal portion around an injured or bruised leg, knee or arm.

• If you have a belly ache you can lay the crystal portion on top of the stomach and it will sooth it in minutes.

• If you have cramps it will dissolve them in minutes.

• If you lay it on across your chest…if your lungs are congested it will open up the airways.

• Lay your head on it and it will open up the sinuses.


Richway Distributors do not carry any stock.  All orders are shipped directly from the manufacturers warehouse in Amsterdam to the customer.  Delivery is usually 7-10 days from the date the order is placed.   

??Any Questions??

I've tried to include as much information as possible on my website to help you with your research and enquiries, but it cannot replace making contact and asking any questions that you may have. 

If you have found my website helpful then please do contact me as I would be very happy to help you in any way that I can.  Regardless of your location I am able to assist you with your enquiries and we can 'talk' via email, Skype, text or even in the old fashioned way by phone.

I am an experienced distributor with over 6years of experience and am confident that you will be very happy with the support you will receive from me.  I endeavour to make purchasing a BioMat a smooth and worry free experience and I'm here should you ever need any help and support.

Karen Holloway

Crystal Abundance - Richway Distributor

By phone: 0785 333 2412 or 01432 649245

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You can contact me via facebook by clicking on the picture above or you might want to have a look at my FB page for lots of BioMat information

Distributor Disclaimer:
This information is not intended to cure, diagnose or treat medical conditions, nor is it a substitute for the product User’s Guide. Please consult with a Physician before beginning this or any other new health care program. Any information with regard to personal testimonies about RichWay International’s products does not reflect or represent RichWay International’s product claims. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. 


Some Comparisons & Product Guidance:

The Professional Set:

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Total approx cost of Professional Set (incl VAT & shipping) £1,798.80
Price in pounds approximate conversion subject to variation.   Visit my store page by clicking on the image for up to date conversion rate

BioMat Professional Set

  • The Professional BioMat is ideally the best size if you can afford it.  Having a full body treatment gives optimum benefit.

  • The Pro size fully accesses the entire body and lymphatic system. Crucial for best results.

  • Approximately 30 pounds of amethyst quartz to help magnify all the healing properties of the BioMat. That much amethyst alone has a dramatic effect, even when turned "off" (no electricity)!

  • If you have a serious issue or concern, then any size less than this and you are cheating yourself out of a great recovery. Or at least prolonging the issue much longer than is necessary.

  • Ideally use with the amethyst and tourmaline Pillow whenever the BioMat is turned 'on', especially at mid to high temperatures, however a normal pillow is also sufficient to elevate your head off the mat.  Information about the amethyst and tourmaline Pillow will be found below.


The Pro set (Professional size BioMat and Pillow) lends itself to most professional settings.

Therapists such as acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage & physical therapists along with energy healers report that the use of the BioMat alongside their own work enhances their treatments and often shortens client's recovery time.

Spas and therapists often invest in the Pro Set and Mini to deliver the Spa level detox as a stand alone or in conjunction with other treatments.

The mini mat

Total cost of Mini Mat (incl VAT & shipping) approx. £598.20
Price in pounds approximate conversion subject to variation.   Visit my store page by clicking on the image for up to date conversion rate

The mini mat is designed to fit on a chair, although due to it's size it is very versatile and can be used in a number of ways.

When set up on a chair, it targets your back, pelvis and thighs.

You can lie the mini mat flat on your bed to lie on for a part body treatment.

It is the best option for teaming up with a massage table sized Professional BioMat for the cancer care 'sandwich method' - Thermotherapy.

This multi-purpose unit is great for sleeping, travel, pets, easy chairs, Spa or Dental chairs, and office Chairs.

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4. Complete the online order form which asks for your name and address and your payment details

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7.  you will receive regular contact from me while your order is being processed and your shipment is on it's way

8. You will receive a welcome pack from me, with a UK adapter plug (the 220v mats are fitted with a 2 pin European plug as standard), some information and guidance to help you get started using your BioMat and a free gift to say thank you for choosing to order through me :)

9. I will contact you when your mat has been delivered to check that you are happy with your order.

10.  I will contact you a few days later to see how you're getting on.

11.  You can contact me at any time before, during and after purchase, with any questions or should you need any support.

VAT is payable on all products this will automatically be added to your order on the store page.

In the UK there used to be VAT relief for customers with a chronic condition / symptoms when purchasing a BioMat for personal use, to bring relief from their symptoms.  Unfortunately the criteria has now changed and the BioMat no longer meets the criteria to be eligible for VAT relief.   

If you decide to make a purchase through me then I will oversee the delivery process for you, I will explain the process, the costs involved and will keep track of the progress of your delivery to ensure it goes through smoothly.


For full testimonials please click on the picture below

"I have been using the Amethyst BioMat for a few days now and I really, really love it and highly recommend you booking a session with Karen Holloway, or even consider buying one... I felt the warmth and the energy being drawn to the parts of my body that needed healing... I went into a deep healing sleep and after only a few days use I have less stiffness and less joint pain... I feel lighter and brighter in myself.... Just amazing.. Thank you so much Karen"   Heidi, Haverfordwest

"Karen makes you feel at ease about spending so much money on a product as she knows both the biomat and the delivery services so well. Beyond that she has acted with such integrity and compassion at every step of the way and I am now the delighted owner of a biomat which is completely changing how I feel in my body.  I really can't recommend Karen highly enough. You can buy a biomat through many sources, but if you're in the UK and want to buy one in the easiest, least expensive way possible, the service that Karen offers is second to none."  Avanti, London

“Thanks again Karen after sales very impressive, feels more like a friend than agent and you can quote me on that.”  Ann, Glasgow

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for introducing me to the Richway Amethyst BioMat."   N, Wrexham

"Meeting Karen was a life enhancing moment. The Mats are out there, you can read all about them, maybe buy one, but unless you also have a Karen you'll miss out on vital first hand experience and knowledge. Karen is calm, never pushy, she explores your problem and your needs and then gives you an opportunity to try one out. I really don't believe that I would have got better so quickly if I hadn't been presented with the opportunities that Karen gave me. When the company sent me the wrong order for my two Mats she quickly sorted it out and I didn't have to worry about anything concerning delivery. The other always reassuring aspect is that she is always contactable and reliable. It was such a pleasure to do business with you Karen. Thank you!”  Ann, London

"Since I bought my own Biomat from Crystal Abundance just over a year ago. There is hardly a day that goes by that I don't lie on the mat. It rejuvenates me, helping me cope with insomnia and Rheumatoid arthritis. Thanks Karen for all your advice."  Pam, Wilmslow