Price list for BioMat treatments

  Individual sessions:

   Initial consultation and 20 minute session            £7.00

   20 minute session                                                   £5.00

   40 minute session                                                   £10.00

   60 minute session                                                   £15.00

Introductory package for new customers:

  1st Treatment                   Initial consultation and 20 minute session

 2nd Treatment                  20 minute session                                                  

  3rd Treatment                  40 minute session                                                  

  4th Treatment                  40 minute session  

  5th Treatment                  60 minute session  

  Total cost                         £40.00  (save £7.00)


Loyalty scheme - every 4th session is half price!!  :)

Feedback from  BioMat taster sessions;

Gina - Very relaxing like raindrops on your spine.

Mary - Amazing, like floating on a wave, feel so energised. Thank you.

Bev - Absolutely great. Felt like I was drifting. Very relaxing – thank you.

Jackie - Very relaxed, felt like floating, warm and sleepy. After effect re-vitalized.

Jane - Brilliant feeling, happy and relaxed, re-vitalized.

Pat - Very relaxing and calming.

Jacqui - Calming warm feeling and very relaxed.

Diana - Lovely calming effect, seems to go to the places that need it!

Claire - Wonderful – relaxing – revitalised.


"I have been using the Amethyst BioMat for a few days now and I really, really love it and highly recommend you booking a session with Karen Holloway, or even consider buying one... I felt the warmth and the energy being drawn to the parts of my body that needed healing... I went into a deep healing sleep and after only a few days use I have less stiffness and less joint pain... I feel lighter and brighter in myself.... Just amazing.. Thank you so much Karen"  

Heidi, Haverfordwest

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