Recognition, approval and awards for the Richway BioMat:

The BioMat has been approved by the Japan Ministry of Welfare, which applies the strictest criteria in the world as a medical device.  It has also received a certification of safety from the Japan Electrical Testing Laboratory,

For the first time for a thermotherapeutic mat using far infrared rays, the BioMat received the 510(k) approval as a medical device from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) .  This signifies that the US FDA recognises the safety and clinical effects of the BioMat.

The Richway BioMat received an award from the United Nations for its contribution to health care enhancement of the people around the world.

Richway received the blessing of Pope Benedict XVI for it's contribution to save numerous HIV infected children in Africa, and for treating many hard to cure diseases around the world.

The BioMat received a grand prize in the medical device field in 2010, from the Royal Swedish Academy of Science.

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