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Click on the picture opposite to access my Bio-Mat store page where you can make a purchase and can access information about all the products available and the prices. 

If you would like to place an order with me this is where orders are placed. 

If you experience any difficulties or would like any help placing an order please do let me know.


It may seem daunting purchasing such a high cost item from the US, often without seeing the product or being able to try it for yourself.   My aim is to make the process as worry free as possible and provide you with all the information and assurance you need about the products,

I oversee the ordering and delivery process for you, to ensure there are no delays and that your order goes through smoothly. 

I am happy to help customers from all around the world, location is not an issue.  We can connect via email, Skype or phone, whichever you prefer.  I have satisfied customers from all around the UK and Europe, including Iceland, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Germany and Spain.  I can provide as much support as you need both before and after purchase and I am always happy to answer any enquiries or questions that you may have.

You may also find it helpful to watch the short video below which briefly explains how to place your order. 

Please contact me to find out more about the ordering and delivery process  or for any other questions you may have.

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On the store page, if you select the correct country and currency, it will ensure that the correct rate of VAT and shipping is applied to your order and it will convert the price for you.

All European orders are sent directly from the manufacturers warehouse in Amsterdam to the customer, usually within 12-14 days from the date of ordering. 

VAT is payable on all products and will be added to your order at checkout, 

I provide a welcome pack which includes lots of information about the BioMat and will help you get started using your mat together with a free gift. 

I also provide after sales care and support as needed, you are welcome to get in touch any time if you have any questions or should you need any help or support with your BioMat.


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