Richway Amethyst Professional BioMat can enhance your sports performance


Take this amazing opportunity to be one of the first sportsmen/women, or sports therapists to take advantage of this cutting edge technology.  The Richway Amethyst BioMat is well known across America, Australia, Japan and Europe, but until now has not been introduced to the UK market.  Already in these countries, sports professionals have recognised the benefits the BioMat offers and have used it gain the edge.  Be one of the first in the UK, to be able to gain the advantage over your opponent.


All athletes know that training your body to withstand the punishment that most sports take includes recuperation or regeneration time. Working your body's muscles and playing sports is a non-stop assault on your body's bones, muscles, ligaments, etc. Especially during the playing season, there isn't always time to let your body heal itself before the next event.

The Professional BioMat is one of the most powerful weapons in any athlete's recuperation arsenal. With an hour a day on the BioMat, athletes speed up their regeneration time, giving them an edge over competition not using it. Many athletes use infrared saunas to help with the recuperation process but the BioMat isn't just more cost effective, unlike a sauna, while the athlete is using it, he/she is surrounded by negative ions, improving functions a sauna can't touch.

All athletes strive to be the best at what they do and with the BioMat, they can gain that edge the right way, the healthy way. The Professional BioMat will help the body of the athlete heal itself faster, while improving bodily functions, repairing muscle, detoxifying the body and improving blood circulation. We've all seen sports men and women on TV battling colds and flu symptoms while trying to do their best. Preventative care is as important as care while sick. Soreness and body aches that are a natural outcome of continuous workouts are alleviated. Anyone who works out on a regular basis knows that our bodies need time to repair themselves to optimize the benefits of those work outs. And unlike portable infrared saunas, the BioMat is easy to use and you don't have to crawl into a tunnel. The BioMat will help your body regenerate faster which means it's easier to work out the next time.

The Richway Professional BioMat was created specifically to fit on a healer's table.  The Professional BioMat uses the triple healing power of Amethyst, Far Infrared Rays and Negative Ions to create an environment in which your body is detoxified and your immune system is boosted, resulting in many health benefits. Athletes are finding that the BioMat gives them a definite edge.

Whether you are a sports professional or a sports therapist, you can become a BioMat distributor and receive sales commissions, product certificates and binary payouts for any sales that you make.   

How does it work?

The professional BioMat emits Far Infrared Rays (FIR) that penetrate the human body up to six inches. FIR, discovered initially by NASA, are now being used in all kinds of healing treatments (saunas are the most popular) as thermotherapy, which has been documented to have a benign effect on cancer cells. In the latest research a renowned doctor in Japan has written a book named "The Fourth Treatment" that shows these documented cases. The Pro BioMat also emits Negative Ions our bodies need to be healthy but are less and less abundant in our modern environment. Together, these three elements provide the triple healing effects for which the BioMat has become famous and why professionals in many healing fields are taking notice of its muscle regeneration ability, and relief from major disease like lyme disease, diabetes and arthritis.


Amethyst is nature's super conductor and it's best producer of far infrared rays. The Professional BioMat comes with 17.5 pounds of Korean amethyst which is the best quality amethyst in the world. Each Pro BioMat comes with a certificate of the stones' authenticity and quality. The amethyst in the Professional BioMat helps amplify the far infrared rays penetrating deep into the body which help detoxify and heal.


The Professional BioMat produces Far Infrared Rays by way of two of it's 17 layers of construction, one of which is the amethyst on the top of the bioMat. Far Infrared Rays radiate into the body and resonate, activating your body's natural defense systems. Your bodily functions are like muscles, the more you use them the stronger they become. Far Infrared Rays "workout" your body's immune system leaving it stronger to combat disease.

Professional research all agrees that the amount of Negative Ions in the air we breathe is directly related to the quality of our health. Increased negative ion activity in the air directly surrounding your body has been proven to increase healing time for wounds, as well as other ailments. With the appropriate amount of negative ions in the air around you, all of your body's cell functions normalize. Without the needed amount of negative ions, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, cerebral apoplexy and cancer occur. Negative ion therapy purifies your blood, increasing immunity to disease. A new study using the BioMat shows it can reduce stress by 78%.

The Richway Professional Package includes the Professional BioMat and the Amethyst and Tourmaline Pillow. Together, they are the perfect combination for any professional healer's practice.  The Amethyst and Tourmaline Pillow keeps the head cool while the BioMat heats the rest of your body. The Tourmaline in the pillow acts as a cooling agent which is important. While thermotherapy is great for the body, heating the head can be very uncomfortable. So together, these two products provide you and your clients with life-giving infrared rays, negative ions and amethyst therapies

Additional Features:

  1. A washable white padded cover made of 100% cotton silver nanothread fabric that has antibacterial and antifungal properties
  2. Convenient, sturdy black carrying case with wheels
  3. Made in Korea of the highest quality materials
  4. Uses standard 110V (can also get 220V as a special order, no additional charge) Runs on 12V; 
  5. Professional size BioMat contains 25 lbs. of amethyst crystals,
  6. 1 year warranty and lifetime warranty exchange policy.

The BioMat also comes in sizes to fit a mattress (standard, queen and king) or chair (mini BioMat).

Amethyst and Tourmaline Pillow is designed to work with the BioMat.



  The benefits of the BioMat include:

  Improves blood circulation and strengthens cardiovascular system

  Normalizes blood pressure and helps to regulate sugar level

  Activates metabolism

  Reduces cholesterol

  Alkalizes and purifies blood, balancing the pH

  Removes waste and toxins from the body

  Reduces stress and improves sleep

  Boosts the immune system

  Improves lymph flow and the endocrine system

  Revitalizes and oxygenates cells

  Boosts energy and vitality

  Alleviates allergies, migraines and sinus problems

  Improves muscle tone

  Relieves pain and stiffness 

  Relieves muscle and soft tissue pain

  Eases joint pain and swelling

  Reduces muscle spasms and soreness

  Burns calories and controls weight

  Rejuvenates the skin

  Enhances all healing modalities

  Enables injuries and surgery to heal 57% faster

Authentic Richway Warranty 1/20/2009


 Richway offers an impressive Warranty Agreement to those applicants who are purchasing a BioMat. The Life Time Trade-In Trade-Up policy Richway offers on Bio Mats is an unprecedented benefit. A 50% credit of the original purchase price towards the purchase of any new Bio Mat of equal or greater size forever.


  (The Life Time Trade-In Trade-Up policy offered on Bio Mats is voided for anyone who purchases a used Bio   

  Mat, or if a Product Certificate Bio Mat is not ordered in the purchaser’s name, their warranty will also

  be voided.)

Distributor Disclaimer:
This information is not intended to cure, diagnose or treat medical conditions, nor is it a substitute for the product User’s Guide. Please consult with a Physician before beginning this or any other new health care program. Any information with regard to personal testimonies about RichWay International’s products does not reflect or represent RichWay International’s product claims. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. 


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