Infrared Sauna Alternative

Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas are wonderful devices. Numerous studies have shown them to be quite therapeutic. If you have done your research, you have probably been convinced of the efficacy of far infrared saunas.

The Bio-Mat, which produces far infrared and negative ions through a bed of amethyst crystals, is a great alternative to an infrared sauna. The Bio-Mat has multiple temperature settings. When the temperature setting is placed on high, the Bio-Mat can effectively be used in place of an infrared sauna. The high temperature settings are used if you were trying to sweat or detox as you would with an infrared sauna. When you do this, put a couple extra cotton towels on top of the mat, and wrap yourself up with a blanket. Space blankets also work well with the Bio-Mat to intensify the far infrared. The Professional, massage-table size, Bio-Mat, would be a good choice for this application.

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There are numerous advantages to a Bio-Mat, over an infrared sauna. Here is a list of some of these advantages and differences.

  • The Bio-Mat is less expensive than an infrared sauna.
  • You can sleep on a Bio-Mat. Since you can vary the temperature settings, you can adjust the mat to lower temperatures, so you will be warm and cozy all night.
  • The Bio-Mat uses less power. The Professional Bio-Mat at its highest output uses about 1/4 the power of an efficient infrared sauna.
  • Bio-Mats are portable, and you can travel with them, or move them from room to room. The Mini and Professional Bio-Mats come with travel cases.
  • The Bio-Mat has deeper infrared penetration. The Bio-Mat can penetrate 6-8 inches into the body. An infrared sauna penetrates about 2 inches.
  • The Bio-Mat has a different quality infrared because the infrared is modulated by the amethyst crystals. This increases the bio-availability of the infrared.
  • The Bio-Mat provides the benefits of amethyst crystal healing. With the Bio-Mat, you are on lying on a bed of gemstone quality amethyst crystals.
  • The Bio-Mat provides negative ion therapy, which stimulates serotonin, allowing the body and mind to relax, assisting in therapeutic sleep. Negative ions are generated within the Bio-Mat and enter the body through conduction. Negative ions are only generated in those saunas where water is pored onto hot rocks.
  • The Bio-Mat is a registered medical device.