Experiences on the Richway Amethyst Biomat

  Mary - Amazing, like floating on a wave, feel so energised. Thank you.

  Bev - Absolutely great.  Felt like I was drifting.  Very relaxing – thank you.

  Jackie - Very relaxed, felt like floating, warm and sleepy.  After effect re-vitalized.

  Jane - Brilliant feeling, happy and relaxed, re-vitalized.

  Pat - Very relaxing and calming.

  Jacqui - Calming warm feeling and very relaxed.

  Diana - Lovely calming effect, seems to go to the places that need it!

  Claire - Wonderful – relaxing – revitalised.

  Nerys - Very relaxing – revitalised.

  Maurice - Felt revitalized!

  Julie - Very relaxing, cleared my sinus’s and relieved my headache.

 Gina - Very relaxing like raindrops on your spine.