Distributor opportunities in the UK - become a BioMat Distributor


Join me to become one of the first BioMat distributors in the UK, by joining Richway’s team and you become part of this very exciting opportunity of introducing the amazing new product into the UK market.

The Richway compensation plan is very rewarding financially, but also once you discover the BioMat, it’s natural to want to share the tremendous benefits with others.

Although as a distributor it does help if you are using the mat regularly yourself, and indeed have one to demonstrate with, however, it is not necessary to purchase a mat to become part of the team.

There is a small cost to become a distributor, as you will need to purchase a sales kit which has everything you need to start selling the BioMat and other Richway products.  The cost of the pack is $65.00 + $55.00 Shipping which converts to
£39.06 + £33.05 Shipping.   It contains several brochures, order forms and information materials.  Purchasing the Distributor kit also gives you one business centre (if you have not ordered a BioMat).

Please look around the website for more information and e-mail or call me to discuss this opportunity further.  I look forward to hearing from you.  

Karen Holloway - Richway Distributor - Crystal Abundance

Website:  www.crystal-abundance.co.uk   e-mail:  crystal-abundance@hotmail.com     phone:  0785 333 2412