BioMat Therapy Sessions


What to expect in a BioMat therapy session :

Your first session will include an initial consultation for approx 10 minutes, you will be asked some questions about you general health and you will be asked if there is anything in particular you would like to relieve with the treatment, for example migraines, aches and pains etc. (see a list of the ailments and conditions the BioMat can offer relief from - on how can the BioMat help).  I will also explain how the BioMat works and explain the many benefits the mat can offer.

You will be asked to take your shoes off and lie on the treatment table (fully clothed), all you need to do from then on is relax to the soothing heat of the BioMat and immerse yourself in the healing sounds of the crystal singing bowls. 

My aim is to make the whole session as relaxing as possible, so you are able to benefit fully from the healing power of the Amethyst BioMat and leave the therapy session feeling totally relaxed and rejuvenated, while your body is benefiting from the deeply penetrating vibrational cellular massage, that stimulates the healing and regeneration of cells, nerves and meridians hidden beneath the service, adipose (fat) and muscle layers.  Revitalizes the biological function of the cells which then increases blood circulation, relieves neuralgia, backache, arthritis and eliminates toxins.

Who can use the BioMat?

The whole family can use the BioMat safely, including young children and the elderly.  The BioMat offers the same health benefits to people of all ages.

Is the BioMat safe to use during pregnancy?

It is totally safe to use the BioMat during pregnancy, if the temperature is at a low setting (the first 2-3 lights) and the time is limited to 1 hours use.  It can be great for morning sickness, achy back and body, nausea, pain.  The reason to keep it on low settings is to limit the detoxification and focus on the comforting, soothing, boosting, and restorative functions of the Biomat.

When will I start seeing results from the BioMat?

Every person's experience with the BioMat is different.  Many people achieve immediate relief from pain and discomfort, and notice increased energy levels and vitality straight away.  For others it will take a few weeks before deep penetrating treatment begins to bring relief from symptons and an overall feeling of well-being and contentment.

 Are there any negative side effects associated with infrared rays and negative ions?

Although all effects on the body are positive, some people can experience slight fevers, headaches and nausea when beginning to use the BioMat, this is called a healing crisis, when you feel worse before you start to feel better.  This is not a direct reaction to the infrared rays or negative ions, rather it is the effects of detoxification as built up waste and toxins are being removed from your system.  These effects are temporary and will vary depending on the level of toxins in the body.  

However to try to avoid this I always recommend that you start your BioMat treatments slowly, with short 20 minute sessions initially and using the lower temperatures, to hopefully avoid a healing crisis, this approach usually avoids the body detoxing too quickly, which should avoid the symptoms described above.  Be patient with your treatments, the shorter sessions on the lower temperatures are a very gentle introduction for your body and we can increase the temperature and length of sessions as you are ready to do so.


I am pleased to announce that I will be starting therapy sessions at my home in Longhope, The Forest of Dean

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